Thursday, January 13, 2005

slightly upsetting pictures from camp

Jason would like this camp (he terrorized a camp, right? Micheal Vorhees was the Hallowe'en guy, wasn't he? Did Jason have a last name?) One evening, I was called up to the main dorm for students and a student jumped out a window to tell us his problem. He had to jump because all the doors were closed and locked.

a fire 'escape' at the camp of no escape Posted by Hello

camp of no escape Posted by Hello

I am told my university's dorms are also locked up like this at night. Note to self: If my child goes to a Korean university, get a room on the first floor with a window and a saw to cut the bars or give a long rope as a gift.

Don't even get me started on the fire escapes from upper floor. Actually, they look like a lot of fun. Basically, you rappel down the side of the building: the fire escape is a rope.

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