Friday, April 15, 2005

Jogging in the spring

I haven't been going to the health club much later but I have been running outside and it's much better. When I ran on the treadmill, I too frequently looked down to watch the readouts. I watched the seconds tick by, the Kcals burned increase and the distance slowly stretch out.
When I run outside, my head is high and very occassionally look at my watch. The result is much less sweat on my face and in my eyes.

Sokcho has some great running paths along it's lakes (the Young Lang Lake trail is beautiful, although too flat for a serious runner -not me) and down the coast. I hope I can keep up my running as my enthusiasm has declined a little.

MSNBC has an article about the health effects of drinking too much water while running. I was a little worried as I drink a great deal of water everyday. The article was full of cautions and warnings about hypnonatremia, the fancy word meaning the opposite of dehydration. From the article:

They found hyponatremia was most serious in runners
who gained substantial weight — 4½ pounds to 11 pounds
— from drinking lots of water along the route. Extremely
thin runners also were at high risk. Runners who drank
sports drinks, which contain very little salt, were not less
likely to develop hyponatremia.

Bonci and Almond said a good way to prevent problems
is for athletes to weigh themselves before and after
training sessions. If they gain significant weight, they
should cut back on water intake until they find the
right balance — long before race day.

The goal is simply to replace water lost to sweating.

Now, I was worried that I might drink myself into hyponatremia, but not now. How can someone gain two to five kilograms from drinking water? That's a lot of water!

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mom said...

Hi Brian: I read that same article yesterday. Roger has the same complaints about the tread mill - watching the dials as he jogs.