Thursday, April 28, 2005

More wild winds, More fires!

Yangyang had another fire today and as with the Naksan Fire, the winds today were crazy.

Yonhap News:
The fire was moving fast toward the east coast town
of Jumunjin after burning its way through a house, a
public health center and eight other buildings, officials

About 1,600 people, assisted by four helicopters and
dozens of fire engines, were battling the blaze but
encountered difficulties due to strong winds of up
to 25 meters per second, officials said.

The Nomad linked to me because I was able to visit the scene of the previous Yangyang fire but this one is quite a bit south of me and I won't get there until Saturday, if then.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Nomad, and I'm sorry to let you down.

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Nomad said...

Just when I thought you were going to be our on-the-scene reporter.