Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The story I missed- defecting fisherman

If anyone reads my blog on a regular basis, they might've rushed here after hearing about a Sokcho fisherman defecting to Norht Korea. Let's see why I should have posted on the subject:

It happened in Gangwon Province and my blog's title includes the word 'Gangwon'.

It happened in Sockho and I live in Sokcho.

My wife is a member of the Korean Coast Guard and the person involved was a fisherman and he left Sokcho by boat.

My only excuse is my special source in the Coast Guard office (Mrs. Gangwon Notes), is in Pusan for training and has been for three weeks.

From the Korea Times:

A South Korean fisherman, who crossed the eastern
sea border in the East Sea aboard a vessel into the
North last Wednesday, was transferred to investigators
on Monday for a joint investigation of his defection,
government officials said.

The fisherman, Hwang Hong-ryon, 57, resident of
Sokcho in Kangwon Province, was picked up by the
country's maritime police at around 3 p.m. near the
Northern Limit Line in the eastern waters from North Korean authorities.

Two 250-ton patrol ships were sent the area to receive
Hwang and pull his ship, named Hwangman-ho, to
Sokcho, the officials said.

``I'm happy to be back,'' Hwang said after arriving
at the port around 5:40 p.m. ``I was so intoxicated
when I went over to the North.''

If I can add anything of substance next week, I will. Until then, check the Marmot.

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