Saturday, May 07, 2005

Not good news for an expecting couple

I mentioned it once in passing but in case you didn't notice it, I will be a father in about two months! I'm very excited and somewhat busy learning what to do with babies.

I sure hope we don't use this hospital!
From the Korea Times article:

toys? Posted by Hello

Photos of newborn babies being treated like
toys by three female hospital staff members
have been distributed over the Internet,
outraging the general public, especially
mothers and pregnant women.

The newborn babies in the photos are allegedly
abused by nurses, including one that has been put
in a plastic bag. The photos are being circulated
throughout various Internet communities.

Police have obtained the photos and launched
an investigation to confirm the authenticity of
the photos. A preliminary investigation has
revealed the identity of one of them as an
auxiliary nurse and police plan to question her,
they said.

Posted on an Internet homepage of the auxiliary
nurse over the past six days, the photos
contained scenes of three people in nurses'
uniforms treating infants inappropriately.

The article didn't mention where the photos were taken but does describe a clinic in Daegu.

I'm pretty sure our mountain wife clinic (San Bu-in Kwa: for someone with marginal Korean skills it's an easy joke) is a good one but let me tell you, expectant parents have enough concerns already!

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