Friday, May 27, 2005

Who eats Emmental?

Give me wonderful, wonderful cheddar anytime.

Who eats emmental? Posted by HelloThe picture doesn't even match the cheese. Posted by Hello

Even in Seoul, it's hard to find cheddar even in supermarkets. By the way, I'll never voluntarilary eat process sliced cheddar. Anyway, no cheddar, but emmental everywhere! Who eats this stuff?

I think it's Swiss (judging only from the holes in the cheese -in the picture, anyway) and Switzerland seems an interesting place. I've met the ambassador and enjoyed hearing about how unique Switzerland is. Still, how many Swiss are there in Korea? Does the Big Hominid, an acknowledged Swissophile, buy that much cheese?

I have become accustomed to slicing my cheddar very thinly, using it as sparingly as I could, until I again made a trip to Seoul for more. (I avoided until now, when I have finished the post and am mostly proofreading to point out my self-control in not making a 'who cut the cheese?' type of comment.)

My life is so hard! Pity me.

I hadn't realized how cheese-crazed I had become until my mother visited and I saw her carving huge blocks of cheddar to nibble on. It took great restraint to not yell at her to conserve, for God's sake!


Kevin said...

I'd buy tons of cheese if it were cheaper here.

For me, Emmental is half of fondue moitié-moitié.


Anonymous said...

You've got a Korean wife, so it should be no problem for you to order online:
This site has cheddar and jack cheeses for 13,000/kg and up--not exactly cheap, but not too far off what I paid for imported chese in Canada.

Other sites to check include:
Really, I've found that if you know where to look, you can save a lot of time by shopping online, and you only pay about 10% higher than if you drove a hard bargain at namdaemun. And there are only a few things you can't find online.

I bought a yogurt maker (going to make my own cream cheese substitute tonight!) and would like to buy some sour cream for starter, if only it wasn't so perishable and didn't come only in 1kg tubs (9,000) -- wanna split one? (I'm in Sokcho, too)

For other import goods, try the 황금 Store just down and across the street from the public health office (보건소), between it and Sokcho hospital. Just check the unsealed perishables--I found a bunch of bugs in my bulk-packed raisins once there.

Now if you could return the favor, and tell me were I can get some decent spiced (caraway) gouda or farmer's cheese . . .

kwandongbrian said...

I tried to find a funky 70's era fondue party for some photoshopping with your face but my skills weren't up to it.

Anon', thanks to the sugestions. The Hwang geum store is in Northern Sokcho then? I think the hospital is next to Younglang Lake.
As for the cheeses, I know a good place in Bracebridge...

Anonymous said...

No, the hospital is a five-minute walk north from your house. Take the road on the north side of Buyeong APT north, past (&%$$@) wonderland across the "bridge" and through the next set of lights. The 황금스토어 is on the east side of the street. It looks like it's just a 슈퍼 on the outside, but it's got mostly imported stuff.

Anonymous said...

You can find a very small stock of imported stuff in he basement of Annam plaza, too

Anonymous said...

You can find a very small stock of imported stuff in the basement of Annam plaza, too

kwandongbrian said...

anon', I found the Hwang Geum store right where you said it would be. No one in the area knew where the 보건소 was, which made me think it might be near the hospital by Younglang Lake.
The selection seemed okay, nothing I needed at the time but I am sure to go back. Thanks.