Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gangneung tour

I have lived near, and worked in, Gangneung for more than two years. Before today, I had seen really very little; my university, E-mart (they have real cheese, not like Sokcho's E-mart) and the road from the highway to the university.

I didn't expect to see much of it today, neither. I left home early to travel to my bike (in Gangneung) to ride south for a few hours. I packed well for the trip, everything except for the key to my bike lock.

Since I was already in Gangneung and my university's Tourism students were running a tour bus as a project, I decided to take it.

The bus first stopped at O-juk-heon. It's a traditional house and shrine to Eolgog-yi-yi. You can see O-juk-heon on the 5,000 won bill. The museum included this display...

Choseon era Koreans loved their yo-yos! Posted by Hello

Below is the picture on the 5,000 won bill.

O-juk-heon and the picture on the 5,000 won bill. Posted by Hello

The second stop was a 99-gan traditional house; the largest a house could be that was owned by non-royalty.

The third site was Kyoung-po Beach where I ran into two coworkers. One of them, Tom, and I took our first swim of the year.

First swim of the year for Tom and Brian Posted by Hello

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