Sunday, June 01, 2008

First Ocean Swim of the year

My first swim was almost shamefully late this year. I went to the beach several times in May but my son was with me so I couldn't leave him on shore alone... and it was really cold on my feet and calves.

June 1st, today, my son was with me again but I let him dig sand castles for a minute or two while I went in. I did so twice so the photo isn't of me gritting my teeth and simply staging the shot.

The water was actually okay. I could have stayed in a few more minutes without being uncomfortable.

I asked some random tourist to take the photos for me and she took several but its an old camera and when there's a lot of motion in the shot, the camera dithers and hesitates before deciding to take the picture. There were several photos of my back but this is the closest to a face shot in the bunch. Really, it is me.

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