Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beer drinking cows always make me think of Mexican Chicken

The title, in Korean, is Mexican Chicken. So, why is there a cow drinking beer?
Elsewhere, on the store front, is chicken (not particularly Mexican looking - it is wearing a chef's hat, not a sombrero) and, quite disturbingly, it is holding a drumstick, skewered on a fork, in a wing.

Ugh, animal mascots for food products make me feel queasy - well, maybe not cows on milk cartons, but most others. Oh, right, beer drinking cows advertising chicken are okay, I guess.


phauna said...

Mexican Chicken is the food of the gods. I hope you tried some.

kwandongbrian said...

I've had Mexicana Chicken, well here in Korea. It was good but there was nothing Mexican about it (aside from being spicy, which also a Korean trait). I can't remember if we've ordered from this restaurant.