Monday, June 02, 2008

Audio Relay

Some time ago, the EFL Geek posted about having an audio relay in class. Good call! My students had a lot of fun with it.

Students had to complete four sentences and knew how many words there would be. Today was our last class and note that I also scheduled crying for the end of class (my agendas are very detailed)! - Nobody cried.
Here, a group of students are listening to the recording. The first class tried to memorize the entire recording - and wasted a lot of time just standing there. They eventually got the hang of it. I told later classes to try to pick out three or so words and run in write them down.
A bit of an action shot.
All the students (in the frame) were into the game. Out of sight on the the upper left (but, again, you can't see him) was a student who just sat there. Well, it was the last class so I felt no pressure to push him. I had pushed him somewhat through the semester but his grades will reflect very well his effort - today was a good representative sample.
If you didn't read the Geek's post - and you should read all of them (well, you can make up your own mind about the computer programming and such. Check out the fantastic post about Korean Class 101!) -in the relay, students are in teams. One member of the team at a time goes into the hall and listens to the recording. That student cannot write anything down or use his/her phone while in the hall. The student returns and records what s/he heard. At some point students may argue over words and spelling so there is significant sharing involved.

I eventually gave a few hints - number of letters in the words and the first letter to a few words.
The sentences related to Connect With English, episodes 6-10. This is a PBS video class that all our second year students take. The story follows Rebecca as she decides to move from Boston to San Fransisco to enrol in music school.

If anyone cares, the sentences are:
I wonder what will happen to Rebecca in San Fransisco.
Will she and Alberto date?
Will he be arrested as a stalker?
I hope she does well in college.

....................................................Although the 'stalker' thing seems out there, Rebecca is concerned for her safety during much of her time with him.

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