Saturday, June 07, 2008

danoje 2

This the second of three posts about Danoje, but I am typing them in reverse order - on the blog, they should read in chronological order. I hope I don't repeat myself or skip something.
There is a shrine on the mountain where a sacred tree grows. A branch of the tree or a seedling from the tree is carried down on this trail - which means this trail could be more than a thousand years old. I notice that the trail is in quite a depression - could it be a flood route or did a thousand years of foot traffic help create a depression about three meters deep? This was a great hike, by the way.
The tree is brought to this temple inside the city. This goddess is the mother of the local mountain god revered where the tree was collected. I have limited knowledge of mountain gods but the tiger is a symbol of the mountain god - I think a female with the tiger is unusual.
Finally, the tree is carried to the riverside site for various rites.
Forgive the blurry focus: I think it and the torches give a frantic "storm Frankenstein's castle" feel.
At Gangneung city hall is a statue, in a courtyard and easily seen from many windows, of a frightened looking topless woman and a another woman, naked in a chair. This is another terrible photo - perhaps soft-focus makes it be not-pornography. Whatever, this is a strange statue for city hall.

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