Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inguinal Hernia

KwandongAlex will go under the knife tomorrow to treat an inguinal hernia.

The doctor assured me that the problem wasn't serious but must be treated. The hospital will keep the little guy overnight and possibly for two nights to let him recover from the anaesthesia and watch for infection.

Happy Birthday, little guy (June 22)!

UPDATE: The little guy has some congestion in his lungs so they cannot operate. Don't worry: the hernia has been there for a month and the little guy has no adverse symptoms - the operation is to prevent future problems so waiting another weekend isn't a problem.

We will soon rent a car and visit some beaches and the Hwajinpo Aquarium!


PAKA said...

hope things are good. all the best to the little guy.

Masuro said...

I'm sure he'll be recovered enough to be throwing birthday cake all around the room on Sunday. :)

kwandongbrian said...

thanks, you two.