Friday, June 27, 2008

Child soldier

Perhaps the title Child Soldier is a little too serious and its meaning too disturbing for this post; I am admittedly using it ironically.

However, my problem is still disturbing enough, in its smaller-scale way.

My son runs around with his hand in the shape of a gun yelling, "Bang, bang".

A friend bought the little guy a toy machine gun a year or so ago. I was unhappy with the gift but it was already in my son's hands so I didn't take it away. We also have a pistol-shaped bubble maker but it doesn't make noises or seem threatening. For the most part, when my son played with the machine gun, he was more interested in the flashing lights and noises it made.

I watch CSI, Law and Order and the like and often my son is in the room but not necessarily paying attention. In fact, if I see him paying attention, I will change the channel or turn the TV off.

I had all sorts of toy guns, of greater and lesser realism, and am nowadays a pacifist so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.

Still, where do kids learn these things?

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PAKA said...

friends...or they just notice things that we don't notice anymore as adults.