Thursday, June 26, 2008

The worst all-inclusive resort I have stayed at!

Asan Hospital in Gangneung even looks like a hotel. Its a beautiful setting and if it were closer to the ocean, I am sure some people would ask for a room for the night.

Still, the room was cramped, the staff seemed too busy all the time, no pool; I would rather vacation anywhere else.

The little guy had his surgery to correct an inguinal hernia today. Just about everything went well but I will nitpick a little.

First, we were going to have the procedure done at a clinic in Sokcho. Back-alley butcher would be a strong phrase but Asan is the real deal.

We arrived the day before the operation so the little guy would be ready for the 8:30 operation.
First nitpick: we arrived at 3:00pm and I asked what we needed to do. The nurse said dinner would be served between six and seven so we went outside to look around. The doctor seemed a little upset after she arrived at our room, couldn't find us and had to call my wife to relay a message. Would it be so hard for the nurse to tell us the full schedule?
Anyway, we played outside.

The next morning, early, they gave the little guy children's pyjamas three sizes too large.

A nurse came to take KwandongAlex to surgery and we walked together. Nitpick 2: After we entered a pre-op room and the little guy was out of reach, I was told I couldn't go any further.

I am sure the nurse ferries several patients a day and has for years. Hernia surgery is the most common surgery for children. It isn't a big deal for him.

Its a huge deal for me and I was furious to be unable to give the little guy a hug goodbye.

My wife was sent away before the anaesthetist got to work. The little guy cried and fought so hard he pulled out his IV. Nitpick 2.5: They should have kept one of us until he was under.

He is now fine and sleeping at home. He was discharged without medication and he seems comfortable.

I recommend the hospital for medical work but not for a relaxing stay.


PAKA said...

good to hear that the young one is doing well. bad to hear that things weren't as pleasant.

Masuro said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Perhaps the hospital has a suggestion box you can put your nitpicks in? Or a comments page on their website?