Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wild Boars somewhere in Yangyang

A coworker of mine once told me he saw boars come down off a hill by our apartment and into a farmer's field, then leave again. I didn't believe him (sorry, Bill).

Today, I found this picture in the Joongang online paper showing four or more wild boar.
wild boars Posted by Hello

I don't know where this picture was taken. Yangyang is a district with several villages and a small town (Yangyang). It reaches up into part of Seorak National Park and covers a lot of empty (ok, relatively empty) mountain and river areas. I'll be hiking next week, I think and I'll have my eyes a little wider than usual. The one thing I miss about hiking here as apposed to Canada is, in Canada, you often have the chance to see wild animals larger than squirrels. Even when you don't see them, you always know you might. Maybe this picture will bring a bit of that thrill back into my travels.

By the way, to me, 'I saw 3 boar.' looks better than 'I saw 3 boars.' Anyone care to tell me which is right?

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Gumbi said...

I had always assumed that all wildlife was extinct in Korea, except in the DMZ where no one dares to hunt.

But recently, I have learnt about pigmy deers, salamanders and now boars living in Korea.

Learnt something new....