Friday, March 04, 2005

Maybe I'm not such a good teacher

Classes at my university started March 2. There is still a lot of confusion among students as to where to go so the classes this week are just get-to-know-you sessions. Yesterday, in two classes, I had a total of four students.

Today, Friday, I took the day off, skipped classes and just stayed home and watched movies (I'm trying to decide if I liked 'Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow'- it was interesting but the special effects made the image blurry through most of the movie).

I have an excuse.

Overnight, Sokcho, and I guess the whole Gangwondo coast, got about 40 cm of snow. It is still falling.

I did some snow shoveling and helped push a lot of cars but that doesn't really fit the topic of this post so I'll write about that later if I think I can make it interesting.

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