Saturday, March 05, 2005

Movie review- Windstruck

I don't know if I'll do many reviews, but it's nice to have a DVD player and so be able to watch Korean movies with sub-titles. Don't expect too many long reviews here!

Windstruck- 내여자친구를소개합니다.
This is a movie of two parts. The first is pretty funny although the romantic scenes are a little too cute for my taste. The second part is one hour of unrelieved crying (not by me, I'm too tough..Okay, I didn't cry but only because the sad parts were overdone and that had a distancing effect on me).

Jun Ji-hyun is very easy to look at and she will be instantly recognizable from her commercials. This is for two reasons. First, her commercials are everywhere and second, many of the movie scenes have the same feeling as her commercials. The part where the two drive a jeep along backroads had me waiting for her to say, "...My digital story"- the endline in her Samsung digital camera ads. She also conspicuously ate a cereal and yogurt mix that she advertizes for and I suspect that she is in Giordano commercials becuase she wore their clothes in several scenes.

The male lead was fine. He was the straight man for Ji-hyun's antics so he didn't have the same presence. Also, he dies in the first hour and I mainly remember Ji-hyun crying for the entire second hour.

The police work had me frightened. You don't see the heroes in many films gun down the bad guys in the back in films. Do they do that here?

There are many better Korean films out there. Do yourself a favor and watch them instead.


Blurr Lee said...

i love windstruck this is such a great movie. you gotta see it. its got everything you wanna see in a movie. its funny sad and everything seriously if you havent seen it youre missing out people. come on get your ass out and watch this real great movie.

Windstruck fan said...

With the array of genres shown on windstruck, i must say it's definitely a must watch.I love this movie!