Sunday, March 06, 2005

Snow removal in Sok-cho

The picture below (and above in the next post- I couldn't seem to get the picture to work in this post but it does in the next post above) is from the Korea Times and shows citizens clearing sidewalks. As far as I can tell, that only happened in a few places. Near my apartment, the bakery, "The People of Bread Village" did a great job of keeping their sidewalk clear. Other places? Not so good.

shovelling in Sokcho Posted by Hello

clearing the harbour roads Posted by Hello

Until Sunday that is. Today, it seems that everyone was out with shovels (cheap plastic shovels that broke after a few minutes, but still out and working hard). Even the Coast Guard was busy. They cleared the roads along the harbor and cleared paths to all the fishing boats in the area. I should say we did because my wife is a member of the Coast Guard we went out together (That's me centre in the picture).

We could only shovel paths to the boats and not clear the entire pier area because the nets were there and hidden under snow.

We dumped the snow directly into the ocean. It was almost all fluffy white stuff, without much in the way of visible contaminants so I guess that's okay.

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