Saturday, March 05, 2005

Buy a car?- Maybe not.

Here are some good reminders for why I don't want to own a car in Korea.

Why I don't want no car. Posted by Hello

Don't want no car 2. Posted by Hello

The above two pictures are of my apartment complex's parking lot. I leaned out the hallway window to take these pictures (and the one below).

We had heavy snow yesterday. Heavy enough that I skipped work. To be a good Samaritan, I helped push cars that were stuck and cleared several windshields with my Canadian scraper/sweeper thing that is so common back home but non-existent here. Yes, I have a scraper but no car to scrape off.

Korea doesn't have a lot of snow-removal equipment. At my apartment parking lot, snow was just moved around. With the result that the man below is working in piled snow (heavier and harder than fallen snow) that is deeper than the hood of his car.

Snow piled deeper than his car. Posted by Hello

There are a few good reasons to own a car. Weather like today's, and it's attendant problems, is a very good reason not to.

Safe driving, everyone!

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