Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gangwon Kotesol meeting

I've known a little about Kotesol for a while. A Hai Dong Gum Do buddy was Gangwon president or something, maybe last year. Anyway, while taking the bus home from Yangyang, another foreigner got on and we talked. He's big in Kotesol and told me of the next meeting. From their website:

Our first meeting of this new year is set for Satuday
March 12th from 3 to 5pm at the Sokcho Office of Education.

To start this season, we’re pleased to offer a special
presentation by Jason Renshaw on the theme of writing.
Jason is a motivated & experienced speaker with lots of
knowledge about teaching writing in the Korean classroom.
This promises to be a valuable & fun workshop that will also
provide practical materials for use with your classes.

He told me that he would post details of how to get there on the site but I think I found a map here. The map is below and above. I'm not sure what the problem is but I only get an 'X' in this post.

UPDATE: Problem fixed. The picture is below. If you can't read Korean I gues you could print out the map and take a bus to Anam Plaza (That's bottom-centre on the map), then show a taxi driver the education building (Inside the pink circle). I could be more helpful, but I tried to fix this post a half dozen times already so you're getting the lazy version.

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On Sunday, Waterpia is having a discount day with locals (ID with Sok-cho) getting in for 6,000won instead of 25,000won. Out-of-towners can also get the same price with a coupon. There's a great mok-yok, a so-so wave pool (lifejackets required and for rent) and some heated outdoor pools. I think the Sokcho Kotesol people are going to encourage visitors to stay overnight.

Update (March 11):
A little 'mouse' thought that Waterpia's discount day was the first Sunday of the month - March 6, not the second Sunday - March 13, coming up. The coupons I have are for the second Sunday but I'm not sure about locals without coupons. The coupons are good for 5 visitors, at least one of whom must be local (Yangyang, Sok-cho or Koseong ID). I don't know if I am going to shar my coupons so I guess I'm just bragging (Meee-long : -it's Korean for 'Naa-naa).

By the way, be careful coming here. We had a lot of rain yesterday which melted most of the snow, but now it's cold and snowing again, so it may be slippery tomorrow.


Anonymouse said...

I'm not sure, but I think someone got the date wrong--my SO says that the discount is on the first Sunday ofthe month, and you have to show local (ie, Sokcho, Yangyang, or Goseong) ID to get the reduced rate. But don't take my word for it. Also, there are other discounts to be had, including SK Telecom card holder discounts, and coupons that are floating around--I've seen them at a few corner shops around here.

Anonymous said...

No, its always the 2nd sunday! Every month except peak times in july/august. One person to show a local ARC is sufficient to buy discount tickets for several visitors. Great facility!

There are other smaller but charming swim/spa facilities in Sokcho too.

Voice of experience -- years here & a fan of water. chris