Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Club beautifly-flying lessons in Yangyang

About a year ago, I noticed a plane on our campus. A few months ago, I saw notices for Club-Beautifly and finally today, I visited the office on Kwandong University's Yangyang Campus.

Flying lessons and short charter flights of the area are available. Flight school costs ten million won. I don't know if that is a lot; I never priced it or thought about it in Canada. It's probably too much for me. There is no ground school. The instructor told me it was because of the problems with English, but that sounds strange; is ground school really optional?

They frequently go on cross-country flights to Pohang or Dokdo. The idea of flying to Dokdo appeals to me although it's probably priced out of my range. I don't know how the 'Club' aspect comes in. Perhaps, I'll ask about that later. Maybe club members fly themselves to Dokdo.

Here is their website which includes a little English.

Club Micronesia? Posted by Hello

If you click on the poster, you'll get a larger image. The only reason to do that is to see that the poster is actually for Air Micronesia with the Beautifly information glued on top.

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flyingvet said...

I need your latest photos of cub round the world for article to put on his web re club- beautifly