Friday, March 11, 2005

Temporary outlet blitz in Sokcho

One finds these short-term outlet shops all the time in Korea. First, all areas nearby are wallpapered with ads offering 90%-50% discounts. That seems a strange way to write it unless, they mean the prices are 90%-50% of the total - 10-50% discounts. I don't know. Then a few empty shops fill with sports clothes and junk for a week or two then are gone.

One opened today in Sokcho, next to E-mart. While I wouldn't normally shill for these shops, I was excited to see footwear in my size. My feet are 300mm or size 12 and normally I have to go to Seoul to see anything above 280cm. I usually go to Gumgang in Myoungdong, which has casual or work shoes but they seem to pick the most expensive or ugliest or frilliest shoes and make large sizes of them only.

Anyway, the outlets have running shoes that fit me so if any other big-footed foreigner will be in Sokcho in the next week, you might want to look into it.

One of the shops had a variety of products, including a few laser pointers. Now my classes are small; seminar sized, so I don't need a pointer but the ones I saw would keep my student's attention. On movies, you often see pistols with laser sights. At the outlet, I saw switchblade knives with laser pointers. I guess that if you frequently throw your knife and have trouble hitting the target, a laser sight might be useful. I think I might be terrified if my teacher ever had one.

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