Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallowe'en monster

It is a relatively cute monster - what with it wearing Winne-the-pooh pajamas and all. Still, a few students were terrified sufficiently for me to feel it was worth it.

On Thursday and Friday at University, I played a prank on classmates and coworkers at school. The craftsmanship was appreciated more than the effectiveness, I'm afraid. Still, a few students were briefly but properly terrified. As with fishing, the best reaction got away. I didn't have my camera ready for him.

Anyway, I made a dummy about a metre tall, dressed it in my son's pajamas, then taped a ruler -signifying a knife - to a hand. The most important part of the construction was the fasteners. It was hung from the ceiling at the head and toe, with the toe supposed to be permanent, while the head hook should come free, allowing the dummy to swing forward, attacking the person opening at the door. Obviously, there was a string to the door, but also an arrestor, so the dummy wouldn't actually hit the person - I am proud of thinking of that. A coworker covered the windows so people wouldn't see it ahead of time. Enjoy.


Kevin Kim said...

That, sir, is way, way cool.

kwandongbrian said...

Thanks. Wait'll next year when a few classrooms have it, and they'll be bigger, and dressed in scarier clothes., and, and,...