Thursday, October 29, 2009


Marc Helgeson always gives a great lecture and his main subject is happiness. This one began with his defense for wasting time on happiness.
He started by comparing educational psychology with 'positive psychology' -how and why people feel happy. Students who are having fun are more engaged and are more likely to remember things.

Alright, how can we use positive psychology in class? If you ask students to give compliments in class, look at the event chain. Students think about the English they need, give the compliment, then it is heard and remembered. It goes through the minds of the students at least four times.

He also gave attendees a 'happiness journal' for students. I expect to use it with my third year classes next year.

The material in this lecture was meant as a supplement or as directions to keep in mind during class and curriculum planning.

To learn more, go to his website.

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