Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sept 30 bike trip

I am embarrassed that my longest cycling trip this year was yesterday. I rode to Yangyang and back. My neck was sore when I finished but it was a great trip.

I stopped briefly at Naksan temple.

Ui-seung-dae is in trouble. It appears that the cliff is eroding and the ancient site of the pavilion may not remain much longer.

I don't know why these scarecrows are here, but they are colorful.
I found a row of sheaves of rice drying in the sun.

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Brian Bikes said...

Hey Brian!
I came to Gangneung in late February, then fell victim to the "yellow dust" for two months. Not much of a deliverance from Gyeonggi/Seoul. I've cycled a fair bit over a few rides, I enjoyed reading more of your posts. Hope all is well, peace from Gangwon, Brian P