Friday, October 16, 2009

Samba band on October 31 in Gangneung

Finally, I am reporting on an event in enough time for people to make plans to attend, if they choose.

From the email I received (Oh, and apparently, there is a coffee festival, as well):

"Brazilian Samba Band in Gangneung"
Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the diplomatic friendship between Korea and Brazil, famous Brazilian Samba Musicians will visit Gangneung during the COFFEE FESTIVAL in October.
- Date : Oct. 31 (Saturday)
- Time : 7 pm to9 pm
- Venue : Dano Cultural Center
(From the parking lot in Taxibu square downtown, cross the bridge; then you will find a park, and a building. That is the one, where Danoje festival used to happen.)
-Program : - Samba Band performance
- local performances
- Jam session between Samba band and Korean musicians
* Brazilian coffee will be served before the performance.
- No entrance fee/ticket : first come, first take (Need to be before 7 pm)
- Contact point : Ms Heekyung Choi : 011-788-0005 / 033-640-5475 ~ 6
Mr. Seokje Lee : 016-399-7504
A good thing thing is that the coffee festival begins from Oct. 30 all around the coffee shops in downtown, and near the Anmok beach.
So, people can go to Anmok beach, after the concert, and enjoy all night.
Many events at the same time....Samba night, coffee festival and Halloween!

Inter-City Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network
ICCN Secretariat
Tel : +82 33 640 5475, 5476 Fax : +82 33 640 4756
14th Fl., Gangneung City Hall, 1001 Hongje-dong, Gangneung City, Gangwon Province,
210-703, Republic of Korea
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Anonymous said...

There was a big jazz festival in Gapyeong on the border --- I went to Wonju....Love being in the mts again of Korea again...