Sunday, October 25, 2009


Just got in the door. I'm going to crash soon but thought I'd relax with a beer first. I will post again, later, in more detail about various presentations.

The big-name speakers were not as interesting as in previous years but There were three presentations that I will be thinking about and researching further before next semester's classes. I also sat in three presentations about Masters programs in TESOL.

I think I spent more time with friends than at previous conferences. You couldn't walk down a hallway without tripping over a blogger - that seemed to be true for all of Seoul.
At the conference, I saw the EFL Geek, JoeSeoulman, Chris in South Korea, the Chosun Bimbo. There were even more bloggers but I got the impression that they weren't blogging anymore (John in Kwangju, what is your blog, anyway?).

While walking down the street by city hall, I saw a foreigner and asked him if Bando and Luni's bookstore was nearby. He swiftly responded, "Are you Gangwon Notes?" It was nice to bump, completely randomly, into ZenKimchi. He didn't know where the bookstore was, but may soon have a book published to be placed in such a store. Congrats on his recent wedding.


Chris in South Korea said...

Ahh, ya beat me to the punch :) And that lady with me was my girlfriend (who had a guest pass with my name on it) :)

Now, more time needed for socializing - the speakers? Meh.

kwandongbrian said...

I have to admit that I checked other blogs - not for linking, as I was too tired - but to see if I posted first.
-I will link properly soon, by the way.

I deleted my comment on your blog, is that humour acceptable?

Brian Bikes said...

Hey Brian, thanks for touching base on Korean-World. I'd like to meet Barrie Faulkner, discussing touring in Korea, and the 32,000km cycling charity expedition I'm planning for 2012. Please add me to your blog lists for 2010:
I missed the KOTESOL conference, hehe
My contact:
Brian Bikes, Ansan, Korea