Thursday, October 08, 2009

5-Day markets in Korea

The Joongang Ilbo has an article about 5-day markets; usually farm produce and supply markets, that go on in rural Korea. These markets usually run every fifth day, not for five days straight or any such crazy thing.

Interestingly, Yangyang's O-Il jang ('oh' as in the sound of the letter is five, 'il' is 'day' and 'jang' is 'market') is not on the list. I suppose it is too small, although I have always enjoyed it.

Below is a description of five day markets and the days they run. Yangyang, not on the list, would listed as (4,9 jang) because its market runs on days with a four or a nine.

If you want to learn about five day markets in your region, follow the above link.
For more about Yangyang's unduly snubbed market look here or here.

Gangwon Province

4. Jeongseonjang (2.7 jang) - Here, the market is also a popular tourist attraction.

5. Donghae Bukpyeongjang (3.8 jang) - This is the largest five-day market in the Yeongdong area.

6. Pyeongchang Bongpyeongjang (2.7 jang) - Tens of thousands of people gather at this market in September when buckwheat flowers bloom.

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