Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Polar Bear Swim

Image from chipford.com

Last year around this time, I promised to find or organize a polar bear swim..somewhere and ...sometime.
Well, It's Lunar New Year, it's 12 noon, I don't know where and there are no sponsors.
Okay, to tacks. I will be on a beach at 12 noon. Depending on scheduling, I may have already exercised or will exercise at that time to warm up before going in.

Sokcho Beach is easiest for me but I am willing to go to Yangyang or Gangneung to meet others.

From Sokcho Beach, we could take a quick taxi to haesupia - a large sauna - and I would donate one free ticket.

In Yangyang, we could swim below Naksan Temple, then race up the hill to Naksan Beach Hotel's sauna - then warm our souls at the temple!

In Gangneung, ah, I don't know. There was a crappy shower there but I recall it was cold water and terrible pressure. I am almost certain it is closed in the off season. Still, I guess we could swim then warm up again by towelling off then running around or having a beer or something.

Gangneung people (Pack the El Camino -return from Canada and keep your promise!), let's hear your suggestions.
Oh, the link at the top leads to my review of last year's Sokcho Fire & Ice Festival, which runs from Feb 6-14 this year. Again, I think there will be a human powered ferry race - anybody interested in putting a team together?


PAKA said...

let's do it. i was about to do it here in vancouver for the new year. but my lame family decided to go for chinese food.

kwandongbrian said...

You'll be here on Monday, then? Great.
On facebook, one person has agreed for Sokcho or Naksan.