Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blistering Barnacles; Tintin's birhday was yesterday!

I can't think of a memorable quote from Tintin himself.

"To be precise, I can't remember a thinkable quote" -No, that would be a Thompson Twins thing to say...

Perhaps it's because I am not 13 years old anymore.

I wish I had a shark-shaped submarine. I have since I first read Tintin.

Anyway, happy birthday and I don't think you're gay (or real, I don't want people to think I'm confusing fiction and reality).

I am looking forward to the upcoming movie. A Tintin movie would be hard to make. I would like to think I am not racist (I could be wrong- 2nd article), but a Tintin adventure would not feel right without a pitch black African with a bone through his nose... And some blowhard, Spanish-garbling South Americans.
Update: I visited some other sites and realized what being Belgian in the early 1900s meant regarding Africa. Let's not repeat that stuff - the Belgian Congo was a nasty place.

Tintin news. Tintin site.

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