Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gangwon FC

Apparently, there is a new K-League football team, the Gangwon FC.

They are rooming at Kwandong University. I'd seen the buses and some fit looking foreigners around but hadn't thought much of it. The word is, they are the flagship club for Gangwon Province and are the fifth team to be funded by the community rather than a chaebol or the like (and by 'word is', I mean the words in the Korea Times). This is cool: "Some 11.3 billion won has been pumped into the team, six billion of it from around 70,000 people across the three million populace of Gangwon." That's a lot of local supporters, I think.

I met two Brazilians who are player-coaches or something. They seemed (and I only saw them at meals, so I am extrapolating quite a bit) to be team leaders or elders for the Korean players.

I say them at meals but that isn't quite right. I saw them walk past us in the regular dining cafeteria and go into the private cafeteria, where they were served croissants and bacon and more for breakfast. We, on the other hand, got Korean food. That's not bad but kimchi for breakfast is an acquired taste.

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