Friday, January 16, 2009

Really exciting stuff - for KwandongAlex

Who are I kidding? It's exciting for me; I'm just glad I can share the news with my son.

Korea's first dinosaur fossils were found recently in Hwa-seong

The Hankyoreh originally reported that triceratops fossils were found but later changed the report to protoceratops. A little Googling tells me that triceratops have previously been found only in North America, while Protoceratops fossils have been found in Mongolia in the past.

I only know the protoceratops from a Discovery Channel DVD I bought for my son (Dino Planet 1: Whitetip's Adventure) which recounts the story of a velociraptor in Mongolia. Anyway, the Triceratops is definitely the more famous of the two so I guess the reporter just thought he was looking at a scientific name or something for the triceratops.

Another interesting thing: Everyone I know pronounces the three-horned dinosaur, "tri-ser-a-tops" and the smaller Mongolian dinosaur as, "proto -ser-a-tops". I don't know what the original Greek that gave us "Ceratops" is but would Greeks have pronounced it "Ker-a-tops"? I ask becuase I see the Korean spelling would be pronounced with a "k" sound rather than an "s" sound:프로토케라톱스

Via Korea Beat.

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