Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fast action needed

I received a comment on a previous post from a Miz Jeong, an International Relations Officer for Gangwon Province. She wants foreigner input for English slogans for Gangwon Province.

Unfortunately, I was at camp and didn't check my email and comments as often as I normally do and her deadline is tomorrow. If anyone can help, please leave comments here. Below is her message:
I'm International Relations Officer at Gangwon Provincial Office and was asked to get inputs from foreigners living in Gangwon on the English slogan candidates the office came up with. I will really appreciate if you could help.

These are the candidates:

1. Green Future Gangwon
2. Gangwon UP! (yes, both capitalized)
3. Green up Gangwon (this time just small u)
4. O2 Gangwon

You can probably tell what Gangwon wants its slogan to express: it wants a slogan that reflects Korea's "Low Carbon,Green Growth" initiative and enhances Gangwon's brand-image as the greenest province (fyi, it has the most natural resources in Korea and is well known for its beautiful mountains, sceneries, winter sport resorts and green tourism).

A slogan needs to deliver Gangwon as a green province since Gangwon is heavily investing
in new and renewable energy such as wind power, etc. It already has the nation's biggest wind power plant in Dae-gual-lyung (대관령), which produces and supplies a considerate amount of electricity throughout Korea.

You can help me by doing the following:

1. Let me know what you think of the candidates, and when you do this, please, don't be polite.
The whole point of this is that Gangwon needs honest feedback.
(you can even suggest one if you would like to)

2. Please provide me with info of:
a. name
b. where you work
c. position

Please note that I need such info in order to add credibility to the opinions I will submit to Gangwon Provincial Office. In other words, I need proofs showing that I did not make them up.

3. If it's not too much to ask, can you please ask your friends to do the same?
The more inputs I can get, the better it is for Gangwon.

Phew, I don't think I ever wrote an email this long. Again, I really appreciate your help and
I will be collecting inputs/suggestions until this coming Sunday.

Thanks a bunch!

Sinae Jeong

I am never sure about privacy issues, especially for government officials. It is a gmail account and she did ask for input, so you have two choices; leave comments here or email her at: drcine (at) gmail (dot) com I guess you could put "gangwon slogans" in the subject line.

I will send her my response (it is also in the comments in the post below) and any responses in the comments tomorrow (Sunday) evening.

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PAKA said...

I think "Green Gangwon" is simple and effective.