Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Living a cliche: Mac Vs PC

My computer is now six years old and still soldiering on bravely, but it has broken down a few times and, after the repairs, a few programs will not work.

It's time for a new computer, with this notebook as a back up or portable one.
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Gangneung has a Mac Store - I think it is Sung Ju Computers, or the like. The Macs look great and, among other things, appear to run different languages well. My understanding is that I could sign in as one user and have my OS in English while my wife could sign in and receive Korean service. This has always seemed painful to do with the PCs.

Still, Korea is a Windows shop. Is there a version of Hangeul (the word processor) for Macs? I could run Bootcamp - the PC emulator, I guess.

Also, Macs are expensive enough that I could get a good PC and a new digital camera (the current one is older than the computer) for the same price as a Mac.

I'm leaning toward the Mac but am eager for input. Comments, anyone?

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Masuro said...

I think you need to write down a list of the software you use the most and then check to see if there are Mac versions. I wouldn't mind switching but my favourite computer game isn't available for Mac.
I checked the Hangeul website and they have a Linux version but nothing for Mac.