Thursday, February 23, 2006

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The good thing about these games of tag is I don't have to hunt to find a new subject to post about. Thanks Gi Korea

Four Jobs I’ve Had
I prefer to look at this as groups of jobs:
1) Aquatics- Lifeguard, Swim Coach, Swim Instructor, Waterpolo Coach, counselor at a Camp Chikopi- A swimming/sports camp
2) Construction- House painter on Lake Muskoka, Carpenter's assistant on Lake Muskoka and Rosseau, Maintanence at South Muskoka Memorial Hospital
3) English Teacher- At a private school in Ontario, at hagwons in Masan and Seoul, a variety of ESL camps, currently at Kwandong University
4) I've already listed a lot of jobs, so my last category is volunteering: In Korea, I've volunteered at the 2002 World Cup, The Seoul Olympic Park Pool and for 'WE Start' in Sokcho - english classes and more for underprivileged kids.

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over Again
Seven Samurai - Kurosawa and Mifuni are a fantastic team
Fast Times at Ridgemount High - actually it's been a while - I'm not 17 anymore, but I did watch it many times
LOTR and Star Wars (the first trilogy)- I put them together just because it seems everyone watches these movies
The Hunted- The Christopher Lambert in Japan film, not the more recent one of the same name.

Four Places I’ve Lived
Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada - the longest freshwater beach in the world
Bracebridge, Ontario- I grew up there- it's still my home
St Catharines, Ontario - site of Brock University- named after one of the Canadians who sent the Americans packing after they tried to attack in 1812
Masan, Kyoungsangnamdo- Where I met my wonderful wife and started hiking in Korea - Muhaksan is a great little hike

Four TV Shows I Watch
This is a tough one due to the lack of variety here- often the choice is to watch the same show for the umpteenth time or not to watch anything
Friends- yes, I can quote most of the lines but I still watch now and then
CSI - I've actually gotten tired of seeing complicated scientific procedure completed in under a minute
Arirang News - I'm always up at 7:00am so it's a good start to the day
Lost- I just finished the first season on DVD. I 've enjoyed it but Jack's doctoring skills are scary -Hammering some guy's chest is really not the approved way to start a heart.

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Numerous K-blogging sites (you know who you are) - I didn't even have to write this- I just copied it from the GI's site- is there anyone in our 'sphere who hasn't written this? - I'm not sure how much I want to get into creation/evolution debates, I started visiting out of boredom and I now find the exchanges fascinating
CBC audio site- Canadian evening news plays right when I have breakfast
ODEO and other podcasting sites - maybe not everyday but almost. With my long commute on the bus to work, I love to load up on several hours of programming

Four Places I’d like to Be Right Now
Algonquin Park - The one thing that makes me unwilling to commit to a longterm future in Korea is the lack of canoeing opportunities.
Somewhere warm - Sailing through the Whitsundays would be nice
Somewhere snowy- cold is no fun if you can't take advantage of it - I want to skate and cross country ski and toboggan
In bed- It's late: almost ten pm. I'll be getting up with Alex around 4:30, as I do every morning.

The next victims:
I've seen some bloggers tag two people, other's four. I'll stick with two more G-bloggers: Skindleshanks and Pack the El Camino


PAKA said...

Yes Brian....I will fill one out shortly...

GI Korea said...

Seven Samurai is a good choice for a movie but I think the best Japanese film flick I've seen is Hidden Fortress. Also I've visited Masan a couple of times because my wife has a friend there and it isn't to bad of a place. Also Goeje Island is nearby which is a really beautiful place.

kwandongbrian said...

Hidden Fortress was somewhat of an inspiration for Star Wars, Episode 4 (the first one for those who were teens in the '70's). It is also by Kurosawa and stars Toshiro Mifuni.