Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Snow and Snow Festivals

I walked to the bus-stop today through two inches of slush in pre-dawn darkness, grimly determined not to slip and fall and be soaked from head to foot while struggling to swallow around my aching throat.

I was in a bad mood, somewhat inspired by the weather.

Here is a picture taken at the bus-stop on Tuesday.

But while riding the bus to work, I saw this view; pleasant and sunny and also a fitting rebuttal to my earlier post about the ugliness of the downed trees on Naksan. This is Naksan but the pictures I took from the bus trying to get the statue dominating the peak all have hydro-poles covering the statue (Do only Canadians say 'hydro-pole'? 'Electric pole' sounds funny to me.)

As a Canadian, I know that snow can be fun and Sokcho is trying to say the same thing as the Sokcho Sorak Snow Festival starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday (Feb 2-5). A mere two days ago, I figured it would be a miserable snow fest with no snow but we now have enough to give the mountains some frosting although there isn't much more.

I could not find any info on this year's festival. Google and Yahoo searches both listed the date as Jan 27-30 and I think that was las year. Gangwon tourist info (phone: 1330) might have current information but the events from last year were:

A. Build a snowman
B. Capture a wild animal.
C. Snow sledge
D. Fishing on the frozen Yeongrang-ho Lake
E. Survival Game
F. Snow sledge as in olden time
G. Experience the traditions of Korea
H. Ice sculpture
I. Climbing ice-covered cliffs
J. Walk in snow & hiking competition
K. Mingle and enjoy Korea
L. Food & shopping

Elsewhere the 'capture a wild animal' event is described as rabbit hunting. Having caught both salmon and squid with my hands (game bought in by truck and released in a netted area in a river and at a beach respectively), I am curious about the rabbit hunting. Curious and a little concerned; Catching fish in a barrel is one thing but cute, lovable mammals? Is there a cruelty to animals issue here?

Anyway, I will visit Sorak Park on Friday, if the weather is kind and report further then.

Outdated information can be found here and here.

For festivals in general, the Times had an article listing some of Korea's major fests for 2006. Find it here.


Yu Min-Class 16 said...

Hi Mr. Dean!
I don't know if you remember me,
but this is Yu Min from ESL 16!
You know, I sprained my ankle?
YESS that girl lol

You know, I would like you to
visit my Cyworld, but
it's mostly in Korean*tears*
I'll tell you the address anyway

I had a fun time learning from you!
You were my favorite teacher!
I remember you telling us that
a student told Mr. Ganse that
you were very scary and that they
were afraid of

Anyway, are you teaching in Sokcho?
Mr. Wilkin is a teacher in school.
Well, I just came by to say hi,
and have a fun winter break!

GI Korea said...

It must a Canadian thing because hydropole sounds funny to me.