Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Golden Bell at Kwandong

Today rehearsals were held at the gymasium of our university and tomorrow they will film a contest, to be broadcast in March or April. I will give details when I am given a concrete date.

To those who don't know, Golden Bell is a quiz game for high school students. One hundred students sit on marks squares on the floor with white boards on their knees. A question is given and the students write the answer, then hold the board over their heads. Students with incorrect answers leave the playing area and join the spectators. The game is broken up by cheering students, some talent show activities and a few interviews. When one student remains, he or she is asked a final question and if she or he gets it right, the student can ring the eponymous bell.

Filming will be from 10am to around 5pm. I know that an hour of television takes significantly more than an hour to record, but seven hours? Well, perhaps an hour will be spent with the students decorating their boards which normally have two-thirds of their area filled with motivational messages and graffiti.

I will not be involved with the event but two other g-bloggers will be (Gangwon bloggers). I will speak with them before linking to their blogs.

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