Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More on North-South Hockey

The Korea Times has an article giving dates for the games with and between some North and South Korean hockey teams.

The games described are all in Chuncheon and area; no word on any Gangneung games, although Gangneung was named in a previous article.

This Friday, North and South teams, made of college and club players, will mix and form "two joint teams, Uri and Hana, meaning ‘we’ and ‘one,’ to play each other." On Saturday, the Kangwon Land team will play the North Koreans.

I am actually worried about the safety of the North Korean players. Oh, the South Koreans will love them but what happens when they get home? I have seen many warnings that rumors from North Korean defectors must be taken with considerable scepticism, but this one is scary. North Korean sent a cheerleading team to the Busan Asian Games and those cheerleaders may now be detention camps: the rumor was that they had broken their promise to North Korean security services not to disclose what they had seen in South Korea.

For what it's worth, although I am a proud Canadian, I don't care much to watch hockey. Still, I would love to see one of these games.

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