Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On the road again

I went for a short ride today. I started by going uphill which wasn't so bad and the deep breathing it required ensured me that my pneumonia has cleared up as full inhalations didn't hurt at all.

It was warm enough that I took off my jacket before I reached the top of the hill and my return racing down felt cool enough to give me pneumonia again!

It was only 5 km and ended -as so often is the case- with a stop at the bike shop to have the rear wheel trued. The bike had sat on the verandah with junk piled on it for three months and that was enough to give it a little wobble.

It's okay and I'm okay - expect more bike blogging soon.


Nathan B. said...

I miss my bike, a $700 white and black beauty. It's a hybrid, but is the most racing-type of bike I've ever had. My previous hybrids leaned towards the mountain bike end.

skindleshanks said...

Which bike shop do you recommend for repairs? Something wierd happened to my gear shifter after I landed on my head trying to do something stupid, and I can't shift the gears. I know of the place next to Buyeong emart but don't really want to go because I spent a long time looking at his bikes there and then ended up buying the 450,000 won bike he was showing me for 250,000 on the internet. We might both feel bad about that if he asks too many questions.

Anyway, where do you usually go for repairs?

kwandongbrian said...

"Landed on my head" - Are you okay? I hope so.

I go to the shop next to the Buyeong D-mart (note the 'D') so maybe I can't help you.
Yangyang has two bike shops on the main street; the one that only works on bikes is my choice (as opposed to the one that also does motorcycle work).

skindleshanks said...

I'm fine--I got my money's worth from my gloves, helmet, and jacket, though!

What I was doing was trying to figure out how to lift my rear wheel over a bump. I figured if I suddenly gripped my front brakes and leaned forward, the back would lift up. It did--right over and landed perfectly upside down, all in slow motion. It was about midnight at the Expo park, so only two ajjumas saw me.