Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another Bear Down

I still hope that bears can be reintroduced into Chirisan National Park but it's the same strength of hope as I use on my chances for winning the lottery.

A bear left the park in Jeollanam Province and fell prey to a farmer's trap. The same thing happened in August. The more recent one though, fell into a hell of a trap. Even after being rescued and taken away for care, it suddenly suffered siezures and died.

How pretentious is it to quote your own blog? Well, here is an excerpt from August before the first bear died:

I wish it were otherwise but I just can't see the wisdom in reintroducing bears to Korea. They need more room than this crowded country can really afford to give. The bears are unlikely to stay in the wilder section of the park or even in the park at all. Then we will have bears in the nearby villages. And this is without concerning ourselves with the value of bear gallbladders and such.

Good luck to the rest of those bears.


Yankabroad said...


Koreans can't even treat their domesticated animals with decency, how do you expect them to treat wild ones any better?

I know a woman who has a Schnauzer, and it is either perpetually on a leash, in her arms, or in a cage sitting in her shop while she sells clothes. I've never seen that poor animal take two steps of its own free volition.

Oh well. Maybe they will learn.

anna said...

i live in canada, and i've seen the effort to protect wild animals. nevertheless, the result shows not so different from korea's 2 poor bears' fate. shortly after releasing from human protection all were killed and here canadians blamed american runed over the bear for fun. and canadian hunters shot them.
is this happening in only canada and s korea?

who kills more bears? to sell bear galls to korean ,chinese and japanese?
who kills seals?
those butchers are westerners and make an excuse like 'there's consumers the market is huge so we kill them and make money, those who buy things are bad not our killers' yeah right.

and S korea has a rule says dog must be leashed in the public. so no such pitbull attacking people like here. besides no korean would say like the owner of pitbull that 'the person might provoked the dog, my dog is nice'...
your dog is worth than your neighbor's safety??

yankabroad , you are the one needs to learn.

kwandongbrian said...

The Yank' and I disagree on a few things but we agree that the treatment of animals here could be improved.

Here, pets seem more like fashion accessories and frequently their fur is dyed to better match clothing.

Maybe Canadian pet owners need to keep better control of their pets but not to the point that Koreans do. Dogs deserve to be allowed to exercise; they are running animals like horses are and I couldn't imagine a horse in a stall all it's life.

Touching on the subject of bears and cruelty to animals; Koreans are much more comfortable wearing fur than Canadians tend to be. I don't want to say this is good or bad, it is simply a clear difference.

kwandongbrian said...

I am sorry, Anna.

I also wanted to thank you for your visit. As a Canadian myself, I miss hearing from Canadians.

Yank', you are welcome, too, of course.