Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gift giving in Korea and Canada

Although the title ends with "... Canada", I do mean Canada and the US and possibly most of Europe, although I can't describe with certainty European gift giving traditions.

My wife and I were discussing gifts again. Her birthday is coming up; she'll be 29 again. Anyway, she never gives me any hints or clues as to what I should buy her for special events. She prefers money. She is not mercenary about this, she just finds money easier. I typically want a gift; I want her to pick something out for me.

One gift she liked was when, for Valentines Day, I emptied the candies from a heart-shaped box and refilled it with rice. That was a good gift.

My wife isn't unique in prefering money. In my experience, most Koreans want money. There are NOT greedy, they just like to pick their own gifts.

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