Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Boss' Chair

When I worked at a hagwon in Seoul, I taught a TV class in which we watched 'Friends' and discussed why certain lines were humourous (or not). We also compared Korean culture with what we saw of American culture.

By the way, Americans don't really sit on the arm of their sofa with their shoes on the seat cushions, do they? I just thought that was a TVism.

One thing we looked at was Joey and Chandler's EasyBoy chairs or Barcaloungers. I think Easyboy is a brand name and am not sure if Barcalounger is or not. Anyway, I commented on how strange it was to see two in one house. Growing up, dad always had a big fancy chair and the rest of us sat on the sofa or a smaller chair. I saw the same scenario in my friend's houses.

My wife has a Cyworld page but I am the computer nerd of the family. In my defense, I also do schoolwork on the computer. In our small apartment, we don't have room for a full sized Easyboy. I bought a smaller substitute but it didn't take long for me to lose control of the chair.

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