Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still Here

I've been busy lately so I haven't posted in a while. Just want you to know you should still check in everyday to see what's new.

I've updated my links. I put in the Marmot's new (old) URL and tried to describe the blogs I link to. I also included my friend Skindleshanks on the blogroll and moved three blogs from the Gangwon category. Now there are only two blogs I am aware of in Gangwon and both are in Sokcho- is it time for a showdown ("This 'ere town ain't big enough fer the two o' us!")? I wrote up the descriptions at 5:00am after feeding Alex so if you want something different, let me know.

I was in Seoul on the weekend and saw the Cheonggye-cheon. I had heard again and again that it was downtown but I still thought it was north of Kyoungobkgung, maybe in Hong-je. No, it really is downtown, between Ulchi and Jongo. I still can't believe that the whole thing fed by pumps; the stream is beautiful but extravagant.


skindleshanks said...

Thanks for the link and the shout out Brian--don't worry, I'm sure your nicely polished blog can survive the challenge! I'll probably be only posting weekly, since I don't have one of those cushy uni jobs like you do. :)

Like you said, I'm focusing mainly on food and the like, but keep tuned for a post I'm working on that will expose corruption and an impending ecological disaster in Goseong county. I'm sure all five of my weekly readers will be shocked.

Yankabroad said...

"There are only two blogs that I am aware of in Kangwon and they are both in Sokcho?"


kwandongbrian said...

yeah... sorry 'bout that. I normally just remember your header and location as "under Chorok Mountain" rather than 'Donghae".