Sunday, November 20, 2005

Crazy Parking

Last summer, a friend and I were at a 'Family Mart', eating lunch. A boy parked his bicycle right across the entrance and went inside, unconcerned that other customers would hav eto move his bike to enter the store. We thought, "oh, those crazy kids. Around the world, they're all the same."

A few minutes later, we were walking home and saw a car parked right across an entrance to a side-street. It was probably the boy's father, we decided.

Here are another two examples of strange parking, their only connection being that I saw them the same day.
I guess there was a car parked inside the one shown but it looks pretty strange (or, it should look strange; I'm not sure it does in Korea) in the middle of the laneway. In the corner is a bike parked in an intersection a good metre and a half, maybe two metres from the sidewalk. It wasn't locked either, which is strange but irrelevant to the story. I passed it going to E-mart and around an hour later it was still there.

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