Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The best persimmon in the country!

Before I came to Korea, I had seen the word 'persimmon' in a few books (is it in the bible?) but I never heard the word pronounced. After close to seven years here, I still don't know the proper pronunciation.

The persimmon (does the plural need a final 's'?) in the picture are sweet persimmon or Dan- gam (단감) in Korean and I'm telling you that they are the best in the country. Alright, I wouldn't know how to rate persimmon if my life depended on it; these persimmon are simply from my father-in-law's farm in Jin-young. Still, without knowing my background, students have volunteered Jin-young as the location with the best persimmon.

Go out and buy some.

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skindleshanks said...

A quick concordance search revealed no persimmons in the Bible (funny, I thought there were, too). You did inspire me to post a few things about persimmons myself, though.