Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well, that didn't take long

On Aug 12, I wrote about the Asiatic bears that had been re-introduced to Chirisan. I said, "The bears are unlikely to stay in the wilder section of the park or even in the park at all. Then we will have bears in the nearby villages."

From today's (Aug 16th) Times:
The Ministry of Environment said Tuesday that one of eight black bears released on the mountain in April was found dead and buried in an orchard of a mountainous area in Hadong, South Kyongsang Province, after an eight-day police search. According to the investigation, the bear, named ``Ranglim32,’’ was killed by a trap that orchard owner Yang had set up to catch boars.

In fact, the event happened before I had written about it. At least, I think so, the "Ministry of Environment said Tuesday.." remark could mean today but that would be a damn early announcement to make the papers the same day.

By 2008, the plan is to bring 30 bears into Chirisan National Park. Ranglim32 lasted 4 months; I hope the rest do better but certainly this news hasn't improved my outlook on the situation.


GI Korea said...

I saw this to in the paper too and wasn't surprised by the results. Also it looks like the MIC has taken you off it's hit list since I can access your site again.

kwandongbrian said...

I can't see yours, though.

I can access it on weekends when I go home, but at camp there's no connection.