Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dee-em-zed (yes, 'zed') pictures

Topic: Korea

The Chosun has an article about a photo exhibit called "DMZ from Above". The picture are great. You can see the originals at Imjingak, a tourist site in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

“Because this is a place that will disappear when North and South are reunited, I wanted to keep a record,” Arthus-Bertrand says. “I had a strong sense that I should convey the historical meaning of this place, so I was keyed up at every moment.” The photographer also plans a separate exhibition of pictures of Korea as a whole. He will come back this fall when the scenery on the Korean Peninsula is at its most breathtaking.

He was probably also keyed up by the danger and difficulty:

Since civilians are prohibited from flying over the DMZ, preparations were extremely difficult. Hong Mi-ok, the director of the exhibition who was on the helicopter with Arthus-Bertrand, recalls, “Everyone said we were crazy when we requested permission from the Ministry of Defense in November 2004.” But the quality of the photographer’s work persuaded the ministry, the Military Armistice Commission, Gyeonggi Province and the Korea Forest Service to give their active support to the project, he said.

I hope the pics make it online as I will not be making the trip to Paju any time soon.


Nomad said...

Yeah I'm with you - I hope we get to see the pics online somewhere, soon. Should be very interesting.

GI Korea said...

I may go check it out, but from what I'm hearing you are not allowed to take pictures of his pictures.