Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Will there be an outcry to protect pervs?

In a story with great similarity to the Korean Dog-poop Girl, some offensive men were photographed and their pictures prominently displayed and distributed across the net.

In separate incidents, two men flashed women in the New York Subway system. The women used their camera-equipped phones to shoot the men. The women then went to the police, then, in at least one case, posted the photo in several places online.

In Korea, the Dog-poop girl; who didn't clean up after her dog on the Seoul subway, allegedly considered suicide from the pain of having her photo spread across the net. The Korean government stepped in by proposing a real-name system online to control online attacks. As a result, future Dog-poop People won't have to suffer the same kind of pain as the pioneer DPG did, blazing a trail for owners of incontinent urban dogs everywhere. (Blogger spellcheck recognizes incontinence as a word but not incontinent - sorry if I'm offending people with made-up words)

Who in America will step up to protect the poor whose only offense is that they own only one article of clothing; a trenchcoat?

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