Friday, September 02, 2005

Dopes dupe Dummies While Dingbats Doze

That was the title of a 'Boffo' comic I read years ago. The punchline was a character saying "looks like none of us came out too well".

You can decide if these people are the dopes, dingbats, dummies or needing another label, but none of them are coming out of this mess in any positive light.

I'm talking about Katrina and New Orleans.

I try to think the best of people and I try not to second guess those in difficult situations but, Oh My God! What a mess.

The residents knew the storm was coming a few days in advance but did not prepare enough.
The various governments; local, state and federal; knew the storm was coming and did nothing.
People with stolen guns are delaying rescue efforts and the townspeople blame the police.
The police are hiding in their station, with snipers on the roof, pinned down and trapped.
A sniper shot at people trying to leave a hospital.
The news networks are being accused of rasict reporting, describing white people as "finding food in grocery stores" and black people as "looting" the same stores.
Oil companies and transport people are price gouging.

My sympathy goes out to the people of the Gulf Coast. You did nothing to deserve this and perhaps I would have reacted the same way, but I hope not. I hope that if I end up in a mess like New Orleans, I can show a little dignity.

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