Friday, September 30, 2005

Universities merging

Next year, Kangwon National University and Samcheok National University will be merged, as will three other provincial pairs and the total enrollment for the reorganized universities will drop by 2000. The universities will receive either 150 billion won or 124 billion won by 2008.

My university, Kwandong, will merge it's two campuses next year as well, with upper year students in Yangyang to continue there for another semester and first year students starting only at the Gangneung campus. I think that, as a private institution, Kwandong will receive no financial assistance, but I don't know. In the second semester, the Yangyang campus will be closed. The shuttle bus for students and professors will run for at least one semester and possibly both semesters.

I must admit, I am concerned. I live 30 minutes north of Yangyang and Yangyang is about an hour north of Gangneung. I make the trip to Gangneung twice a week and find it not-bad but four times a week would be annoying (and expensive after the shuttle bus stops running).


Anonymous said...

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kwandongbrian said...

Dang! I posted this ten minutes ago and already have spam.

I will leave this here just to show others what I usually delete. My blog doesn't get too controversial but I still want visitors to know the comments I delete are not contrarian, they are completely unrelated.

This is the third comment of this type inthe past two weeks.